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8/31/2005 RECORD RELEASE PARTY on September 17 at the Funhouse in Seattle. This is to celebrate the release of our new album, "Culture" on Dirtnap records. This is a DUAL release party with the Pulses who also have a new record on Dirtnap. Come one, come all to get a copy of the new album!!!!

9/16/2004 On September 25 we are playing a SINGLE RELEASE PARTY at the Hideaway for our new split single on Dirtnap with New Luck Toy! The single should be in stores in October. We have two songs on the single, one ("Deep Throat") recorded earlier this year and another from 1996 ("Hospital"). Very excited about this one, and we will have an announcement on the new full-length very very soon, it is all done!

7/1/2004 We are playing at the Twilight AGAIN in Portland on July 9. If you live in Portland, come on out for the show.

2/26/2004 We are playing at the Twilight in Portland this weekend. Here is a writeup for this show with the Gloryholes and the Buttfrenchers.

2/17/2004 We are currently overdubbing and mixing songs for a new album to be released later this year. We will probably end up completing around 20 songs, with 10-12 being released on the album.

2/16/2004 On Thursday, February 19, we are playing a new club on Capitol Hill called the Lower Level. The bill includes Racetrack (from Bellingham) and The Mines.

  • Chandelier
  • Suspension Lighting
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Table Lighting
  • 2/11/2004 Launch. Now we can go back to drinking beer
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